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The Importance of Education About The Introduction Of Making Money In Children According To His Age

how to make money in child

Not many parents are willing to share and be honest about financial matters to their children. This problematic exists because parents usually have an overwhelming sense of affection even though the child is already in his teens. By earning more than enough to meet all the needs of the family, we usually have a feeling that it is burden the children in earning money early. Though introducing a business or work to make money in teenagers is very important for the future. There are many businesses or jobs around us, which are appropriate for teenagers, check out this site – http://promoneyinfo.com/offline-money/how-to-make-money-as-a-12-year-old .html.

If we talk about the money does not always nominal. We can teach children about where the money comes from and how children use the money supposed to be in life. A child that is taught a business or a job that makes money as a teenager, would allow him to become more independent and creative in dealing with the challenges of later life after he’s really mature. In his teens (12-17 years old), is the age where children have started to change, both socially and psychologically. So it’s time we teach a self-reliance, both materially and mentally.

Early education, especially in the business or work to earn money, can train the child to delay the desire and make the child is skilled at planning. Because he already knew where the money comes from and how to get it. Moreover, empathy and loving others will be honed from an early age.

Many people may not believe what has been discussed above. Because of some assumption that the child should not be introduced by earning money early, because it will make him reluctant to go to school. In fact, by providing education about it, would make him understand and appreciate a currency of income that has been earned, which will not be obtained in formal schools. Schooling does not mean it is not important, but we are giving something that is very valuable for the child for the good in the future.

Okay, let’s see how children can learn about money in several ways, such as observation and learning straightforwardly according to their age. Here are practical ways that we may not be misconstrued and misapplied the child later. Children can get to know and start learning money according to the age they have as quoted from cheatsheet.com.

 Age 3-5 years

The right age to introduce money is between 3 to 5 years, because usually the child is able to independently and understand. Education can be done by inviting them to play involving financial transactions, such as markets or shops.

When playing, it can be explained how important work to earn money, so children do not ask or buy according to what they want only. And if not obeyed usually will make it angry.

Age 6- 9 years

Children at the age of 6 – 9 years is where the child has a little more understanding of an explanation. At this age, it can begin to teach children to want to save. In addition, it can also begin to teach the values of money and know the amount of money spent in buying an item. This is very useful for them to appreciate more any money owned.

Age 10-12 years

This age range is the phase that will enter adolescence. Education can invite children to discover their short-term goals that they should accomplish along with their planning. In addition, give knowledge to the child to always check first before buying a good.

Next, teach children to be able to distinguish which is expensive and not. If necessary, additional work can be given to him so that the child can feel how to get the real money.Age 13-15 years

Age 13-15 years

This age is the phase of adolescence, the stage of financial introduction in children is increasing and serious. Children can be taught to distinguish the benefits of each different bank if we save there. Children at this age can also be invited to discuss about family finances with other families.

Age 16-18 years

When a child in this age range is the phase of adolescence to adulthood. Children can be given the confidence to manage the money on a monthly basis. So children can get used to manage their own finances and desires. And to be more serious, teach children to create table planning or budget tables in order to manage finances well.

Therefore, starting from the age of 12 years, children can begin to be taught to make money and manage their own money. The lesson of independence in facing life’s challenges is very important for the child, in order to become a better generation than the previous one.