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Physical and Financial Fitness – The Connection

Physical and Financial Fitness - The Connection

Health struggles could affect your financial life; so can your financial problems affect your wellbeing. When you’ve got less cash, you’re very likely to dwell upon your finances than your overall health and fitness. Stress and depression appear in tough financial times more frequently than once the checkbook is well supplied.

The Simple:

Don’t smoke, exercise 1/2 hour daily, wear your seat belt, floss your teeth (to stop heart problems), and possess regular medical check-ups (before sick).

The Obvious:

Poor money is linked to more diseases. While the economy is consistently rated as issue number 1 for most people’s minds, the impact that illness dons one’s finances is profound! Accordingly, obesity, for instance, is a real threat to the finances of human families as well as to our nation altogether. We reside in a country where among every three people weighs a lot more than one other two. Obesity is related to nearly $350 billion in medical expenses and can reach more than one-fifth health-care spending before the year 2020. The financial and emotional burdens upon the consumer families with diabetic members are correspondingly high!

Today’s children are people in the first generation will not live longer than their parents. Obesity can be a major culprit behind that statistic. Moreover, the United States holds another distinctive position. It is unique among countries of the world in this the primary health threat to children in lower socio-economic groups is NOT starvation! It is, in fact, obesity. Heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, along with a host of other maladies appear for that ride.

The very real truth is if men and women incorporate some quite simple preventive steps inside their lives, their finances could see a dramatic boost! The preventive steps are frequently touted in media and they are likely well-known to …

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